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What is Steel Erection?

Steel erection is the process of constructing, altering, or repairing steel buildings, bridges, and other structures. It also involves the assembly, connection, and installation of steel beams, metal decking, and planking used in the erection of a steel structure. Steel workers assigned in steel erection activities are commonly employed in building, contracting, and construction companies.


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Our flexibility allows your building’s design to be adapted to support your unique requirements

while delivering a practical and cost effective building solution.

Commercial & Retail Metal Buildings

When it comes to commercial and retail facilities, your building plays an important role in your operations and ability to achieve business strategies and goals.

Manufacturing & Industrial Metal Buildings

We understand manufacturing facilities. A Gladiators Development inc can meet your unique operational needs – from height and clearance requirements, integration of cranes, dock spacing.

Office Metal Buildings

Metal office buildings are designed to provide efficient workspace while creating a favorable exterior impression — key goals in office building construction.

Warehouse, Distribution, Logistics Buildings

Warehouse and distribution buildings are a natural for Gladiators Development inc . You know your requirements: wide open spaces on the inside, attractive and low maintenance on the outside.

Agricultural Metal Buildings

With a Gladiators Development inc, your precious livestock and costly equipment are not just stored, they are protected agricultural buildings.

Aviation Metal Buildings

Whether your needs include a large commercial hangar, a private hangar, or maintenance hangar, a custom Gladiators Development inc can accommodate your requirements.

Why Build with Metal: The Benefits

of Metal Building Systems

At Gladiators Development inc, every project is custom-designed to meet a customer’s unique needs. With virtually endless design possibilities, it is easy to see why metal building systems have become such a popular and cost efficient building solution among architects and building owners.

Custom Metal Building Systems vs.

Conventional Construction

You can choose from a number of construction methods for your building project, so why build with steel? Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, steel is the strongest and most cost-efficient construction material available.

Most Popular Building Sizes

Base Building Package + Components = Your Custom Steel Building Kit.

100x150 Building Package

If your business manufactures large products such as windmills or needs to store substantial inventory, this 100×150 building package would provide an ample space. This particular design features a 40′ eave height and a sizable framed opening, perfect for these types of operations. Our metal buildings also deliver an impressive column free interior as well as a 50 year warranty, resulting in a more efficient and reliable space for your business.

100x200 Building Package

Our 100 x 200 steel building package is the most efficient and economical way to get 20,000 square feet of column free interior space. A 100×200 column-free building will allow you to expand without being inhibited by any columns or barriers. Starting with our base building package you can add a wide variety of components such as glass storefront windows to create a unique church entry or trucking bays for a large warehouse space.

20x24 Building Package

This 20×24 base building package can feature numerous customization possibilities. Depending on the type of access you need and what you plan to use this space for, you can enter the building through a combination of one man door and an 8′ x 8′ sectional door as well as provide ventilation with a 3030 horizontal slide window. You can also swap out the sectional door for a space efficient rollup door. Contact us to price this 480 square foot space..

200x400 Building Package

Our building system can be clear span up to 300′ which makes this 200×400 steel building a versatile solution for large operations or storage needs. Despite its size, this building system is still a simple bolt together structure that does not require any welding. The framed openings are even pre-punched at the factory. Prefabricating this 80,000 SQFT building allows you to save on typical construction timelines as well as costs and start using the space sooner.

Carport, One Car Carport, RV Carport, Three Car Carport, Two Car Carport, Vehicle Storage

Metal Carport Kits


The 20x20 metal carport package is one of the most popular choices for businesses or private individals who need to protect multiple vehicles. If you have recreational vehicles, a business fleet, or business machinery, a carport can protect these valuable assets from hail, snow, high winds, rain, sun, & frost. The clear span framing of steel construction allows maximum space for storage, and the strength of our I-beam structures provides maximum protection from the elements.

12x30 Carport Package

A 12×30 carport is a versatile building option for those looking to shelter two vehicles or in need of extra storage. Whether for private storage or protecting a business fleet of Ford F-150s, for example, General Steel’s I-beam carports provide peace of mind for their owners. That’s because your 12×30 carport is designed and produced in a controlled environment, ensuring structural consistency and strength.

12x24 Tube Frame Carport

Are you looking for a small carport for two cars? Our 12×24 carport kits are a space-efficient option that provides plenty of room for two vehicles. If parked front to back, you can properly space and protect smaller vehicles, like a Ford Taurus, or larger vehicles, like a Chevy Tahoe. Whether it’s for personal use or business, our durable carports are strong enough to protect your most valuable assets

Commercial Services

Commercial Buildings

A steel building from Gladiators Development inc is a versatile solution for a commercial space. Every commercial operation requires a unique set of building features, and our commercial metal buildings are designed according to use. That means that through working with our experienced design team, you can implement all of the custom components that your commercial space requires. Our steel manufacturing kits feature clear span framing, which allows for column-free interiors.

Choosing your building’s roof pitch can seem like a tough decision but it really comes down to just a couple of factors. If you live in an area with heavy or consistent snow, an increase in roof pitch may be a good idea. You do however need to weigh the increase in roof pitch against the fact that a higher roof pitch will increase the price of your building. For most of our customers, a 1:12 roof pitch is the best choice for their building..

Roof Pitch 101

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